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My first craft project… as a grown up!

27 Mar

Project: Summery Spice Jar Labels

Inspiration: Summer Sunshine in the (Herb) Garden

Difficulty: Beginner (obviously!)

It all began in the essence of getting in touch with my inner craft goddess, inspired by the nimble fingers of my dear sister and mother, who between them have produced a delectable array of wondrous things.

I certainly thought it best to start off with a relatively simple (read: easy enough for even a cat) project that, well, to be honest, I couldn’t go too wrong with.

So on a recent visit to meet my beloved brand new nephew, my sister and I popped in to Farmers and found some fantastic wee spice jars on special – a satisfying bargain for 99c each!

Enter craft epiphany – I realised I had found my first project: fabric spice jar labels.

So I hot footed it off to Spotlight where I picked up some pretty cotton fabric and some nifty adornments.

On return to Auckland, a move in to a new casita saw my spice jars put aside to await unpacking…

Once my crafty desk was clear (a mean feat) I sat down and got sorted. I cut strips of fabric (thanks Jude for the amazing Pinking Shears, I love them!) long enough to wrap around the mid section of the jar and then glued them on with craft glue. Same craft glue was used to glue on the sweet little bows I whipped up with a wee piece of ribbon and again with the matching rose that went on top of the bow! Cuuuute as a button so far 🙂

I then added the wee ladybugs on too – what summer garden is complete without them?

And for the finishing touch, I used my beloved pinking shears to cut a circle of fabric and used that to write the herb/spice name, which I used a black ink pen to write.

Obviously, the REAL finishing touch was filling the jars with their respective spices – which was a very satisfying moment and I nearly burst with joy! I love my new spice jars and they make me feel super happy in the kitchen lined up my windowsill! Success!

(Pics of jars to follow once I track down my camera cords!)


A finished project: socks for Jude

12 Mar

I decided a finished project was the right note to start this blog on. There’ll be plenty of time to talk about things like ‘why a blog?’ and ‘what are you planning to make with all that wool and fabric stuffed in those drawers?’ later.

But for now, I want to show you the socks I’ve just finished knitting for my Mum.

I started making these a couple of winters ago. And put them aside nearly finished, to start on a new project no doubt. I finished them this week and I’m delighted with how warm and snuggly they are.