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Domo Arigato Mr Roboto

6 Apr

Two Christmases ago I made robots for my nephews Henry and Ned, and my niece Eva. This friendly guy belongs to Henry, whose favourite colour is purple.

I designed the (very simple) pattern myself. Eva got a bright pink robot and Ned’s is green.  They’re made of machine washable 100% wool, and are knitted in the round on a magic loop. The hardest part was the control panel on the front.

I found it a bit challenging to get the tension right when looping the wool in the back, and I didn’t know how to weave the different colours together to avoid gaping holes at the edges of the blocks of different colours.

I managed to get all the robots sorted in the end though, with huge thanks to my wonderful Mum who sat up with me until 2am on Christmas Eve attaching robot arms and legs.

I ran out of steam though, and didn’t manage to make a robot for my youngest nephew Stan, who was nine months old at the time. Stan’s just turned two, and a few weeks before his birthday I formed the ambitious plan to finish his robot in time for our next get-together following his birthday. That get-together was last weekend, and I managed to create a pile of arms and legs… then ran out of steam again when I realised I had lost the scrap of paper that I had scribbled the dimensions of the other robots on.

So now I’ve borrowed Henry’s robot to see if I can figure it out.I’m going to try to improve my construction method for that control panel too.

You can see that the colour scheme for Stan’s robot is inspired by Pablo, who seems curious about the pile of robot limbs that has appeared in his garden.

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to show you a friendly orange robot with a big ‘S’ on his back.

True to form, I’m simultaneously working on another project. This one is inspired by the design of the robots, but is another kind of creature altogether. Can you guess what?

This one is intended for a nephew who hasn’t arrived yet, but is due in July. I’m intending to have it ready for Libby’s baby shower on the first of May.