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A rather refined rabbit

14 Jun

We travelled to Auckland for my sister in law Libby’s baby shower recently. For the occasion, I managed to turn the pile of grey wool I showed you in the last post into this fine fellow.

He’s very soft and floppy, and I’m hoping that Mat and Libby’s baby will love cuddling him, chewing his arms and eventually dragging him around by the ears.

Don’t look so shocked Mr Rabbit. You’ll be ok!

He promises to be a great companion, and he’ll be no trouble to care for. He doesn’t eat much, although he does enjoy the odd cup of tea.

He likes it very weak with no milk, just like Jude.

He also enjoys curling up on the couch with a good book.

I really enjoyed making him up as I went along. I wasn’t quite sure how he would turn out, but I think he’s a wonderful character. I loved the way the colour variation emerged in his ears, limbs and belly, and the solid grey alpaca I used for his body was a real pleasure to knit with.

I was also extremely happy to figure out a way to successfully insert blocks of another colour when knitting in the round. It involved knitting to the end of the inserted block, turning the work around, slipping all of the block’s stitches onto the other needle purlwise and purling the main section up to the other side of the inserted block. Once I got there, I twisted the wool for the block around the main wool and continued to purl to the other edge of the block. Then I turned the work around again and completed the same process, knitting rather than purling. I completed the block this way and found it produced a great result.

I’ve put this new skill to very good use in completing Stan’s robot, which I’ll be ready to show you very soon.