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It’s a new year…. Happy Bunting!

15 Jan

At long last I have finished my first string of bunting! Hallelujah!

About a year (or more…) ago I ordered a whole bunch of incredibly fabulous fabric from the far off shores of the USofA which have sat in a shoe box, thought of fondly and with great intentions. It was at this time that I also convinced my beloved MR that I was in desperate need of a sewing machine and that without one I might, quite simply, wither up and die like a sad flower whose crafty petals never had the chance to blossom. Oh the wondrous things I would do with my sewing machine and fabulous fabric.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be a rather busy year.
So as 2012 rolled around, I dusted off my twice-used sewing machine (one of which was while on loan!!), tracked down the bunting flags that I had lovingly cut out in one of my crafty fits and starts of 2011 and I sewed those bad boys together into the magical bunting string of 2012! It’s a new beginning ladies and gentleman….

Pinking Shears are a girl's best friend!

I started the bunting process by cutting a piece of light card into a triangle about the size I wanted the bunting flags. I used the card triangle as the template and for the super cool skulls I had to place it strategically to be sure that I got the best pieces of fabric – this unfortunately meant a bit of waste fabric… The patterned fabric is  easier and I was able to cut it into large rectangles and then easily cut that into triangles. I used pinking shears because I’m obsessed with the edges it gives on the fabric 🙂
Each flag has skulls on one side and patterns on the other so I lined them up and pinned them together so they wouldn’t move during sewing. It’s at this point they went back in the shoe box!

Bunting Chaos!

The other day MR headed off to play soccer and I felt like being more productive than just watching the rest of the sixth season of Criminal Minds so I whipped out the old sewing machine, jogged my memory as to how to thread the needle and then uh oh the bobbin too!! I did a few trial & error attempts on one flag while I figured out the best way to sew them – turns out that I started at the point and then worked back up to the top edge. I tried zig zag stitch (my fave!) but it didn’t quite look right and so I switched to straight and boom! off I went like a rocket sewing those flags 🙂 happy days…

Bunting Sewing Magic!

To string the flags, I used a strip of binding that I found in my ribbon box, ironed it flat and then measured about 2cm between each flag so there was a wee gap. I used white cotton for all of the stitching because I like the contrast. I’m quite pleased with the results and feel a little burst of pride when I look at my very first bunting effort – it’s only going to get bigger and better from here baby! Next project… a thank you gift for my dear friend Greta who is making my beautiful wedding dress!

Bunting Fiesta!


Happy Bunting 🙂


My first craft project… as a grown up!

27 Mar

Project: Summery Spice Jar Labels

Inspiration: Summer Sunshine in the (Herb) Garden

Difficulty: Beginner (obviously!)

It all began in the essence of getting in touch with my inner craft goddess, inspired by the nimble fingers of my dear sister and mother, who between them have produced a delectable array of wondrous things.

I certainly thought it best to start off with a relatively simple (read: easy enough for even a cat) project that, well, to be honest, I couldn’t go too wrong with.

So on a recent visit to meet my beloved brand new nephew, my sister and I popped in to Farmers and found some fantastic wee spice jars on special – a satisfying bargain for 99c each!

Enter craft epiphany – I realised I had found my first project: fabric spice jar labels.

So I hot footed it off to Spotlight where I picked up some pretty cotton fabric and some nifty adornments.

On return to Auckland, a move in to a new casita saw my spice jars put aside to await unpacking…

Once my crafty desk was clear (a mean feat) I sat down and got sorted. I cut strips of fabric (thanks Jude for the amazing Pinking Shears, I love them!) long enough to wrap around the mid section of the jar and then glued them on with craft glue. Same craft glue was used to glue on the sweet little bows I whipped up with a wee piece of ribbon and again with the matching rose that went on top of the bow! Cuuuute as a button so far 🙂

I then added the wee ladybugs on too – what summer garden is complete without them?

And for the finishing touch, I used my beloved pinking shears to cut a circle of fabric and used that to write the herb/spice name, which I used a black ink pen to write.

Obviously, the REAL finishing touch was filling the jars with their respective spices – which was a very satisfying moment and I nearly burst with joy! I love my new spice jars and they make me feel super happy in the kitchen lined up my windowsill! Success!

(Pics of jars to follow once I track down my camera cords!)